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>> a baltimore city family wants justice tonight. a year ago today, one cousin was fatally shot and this summer, another gunned down. there have been no arrests. good evening. earlier this evening, the family held a vigil in the hopes of bringing attention to the unsolved murders. george is live at police headquarters with more. >> so far, police have not made much headway because few people have come forward with information. tonight the family is doing what it can to keep the cases in the public eye. only those who have lost a child know what cher maine branch is going -- cher main branch is going through -- shermaine branch is going through right now. >> that was my only son. my only son. >> and it hurts even more when
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no one is arrested. >> that was my autistic child, and everyone knows who did it. >> but no one is talking. his family and friends organized a vigil on the anniversary of his death to keep his memory and his case alive. >> what i hope is that everyone will hear us. it's not just us, it's so many different people crying out, trying to stop. >> they don't have to go far for sympathy. >> my son was shot 18 times. >> bene ta glass was here, holmes was her nephew. he had a son until july 3. >> his nail was raymond, they haven't arrested anyone yet. he's not here to be a father to his son he has an 8-year-old. i won't see him walk in my door no more. so many things to think about. >> but only so many things one can do about it, the injustice these mothers and countless
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others are stuck with. they hope gatherings like this sends a message to whoever is responsible for their pain. >> this has got to stop. they're taking people's children left and right. >> you're taking people's children, you don't know what you're doing to people's families. >> now so far this year, city police tell us they have solved roughly half of its 148 murders. we're live at police headquarters, wbal tv 11 news. >> while jamal's family was praying for answers in his violent death, a few blocks away a 15-year-old boy was shot in the face. it happened around 6:15 this evening, near the intersection of holton and pennsylvania avenue. at last check, he was in stable condition. a late night shooting in west baltimore is now a homicide. an unidentified 20-year-old man was shot just after 10:00 last night in the 2000 block of baker street he died later of shock trauma.
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a teenager is behind bars. marcus mcfadden was one of three suspects who approached 30-year-old eric hill as he sat in his car. they believe hill tried to drive off and that's when they say he was shot. mcfadden is charged as an adult with first degree murder and armed robbery no word on the condition of a 2-year-old boy pulled from a swimming pool in anne arundel county. they found him in the 7900 block of ticnic road. fire official says his injuries appear to be life threatening. >> hurricane earl was good to maryland in terms of its devastating effects but parts of the northeast and canada weren't as lucky. this is earl making land fall in nova scotia early this morning.
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it's being blamed for the death of a man who drowned while he was trying to secure his boat in halifax. here's a look at earl last night as it hit the northeast as a tropical storm. this was taken about the same time earl's eye was passing nan tact -- nantucket off the coast of massachusetts. numerous flights were canceled and am track services were -- and amtrak services were delayed. plans were disrupted for thousands of vacationers this labor day weekend and while one business owner said earl didn't leave much damage, his hotel is feeling consequences. >> about 60% of her business isn't here today. we would normally expect to be sold out for the weekend. this is a very big weekend for us to ep -- to end the sum we are a bang. but it's -- we'd rather have it like this than be cleaning up debris. >> no word on the impact, if any, that earl had on ocean city business this is holiday weekend.
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the investigation into what caused the gulf oil spill could get a big break. the blowout preventer which is that huge stack of pipes and valves that failed, was hauled to the surface in a delicate, day-long process. it could be key to understanding how the leak happened. brian moore has the latest. >> at the site of the gulf oil spill, crews hoisted up a 300 ton piece of evidence to the surface. f.b.i. agents were on hand to take posthofingse failed blowout preventer, which is expected to give investigators new insight into what happened. >> we're pleased to announce with the blowout preventer this well does not constitute a threat to the gulf at this point. >> b.p. hopes once tests are completed, crews will be able to seal off the ruptured well for
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good. >> they can also take the steps to plug and abandon and they'll shift to the oversight of the department of interior and ocean energy management. >> the leak was stopped in mid july but the cleanup will continue for a long, long time. for those demanding to know what went wrong, new answers may be emerging from the depths of the louisiana gulf. brian moore, wbal tv 11 news. >> oil domination is our anilings! >> protests continued outside the white house today. demonstrators called on president obama and congress protect the gulf following the 4.9 million barrels of oil that spilled into the waters and martial -- marshland. they say politicians need to make more changes. craiglist makes a big change following complaints from several state attorneys general.
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those hopes to -- hoping to check out adult ads were met with a dead link. attorney general blumen thall said he hopes other sites will follow suit. >> craigslist cannot or will not screen out the ads. craigslist voluntarily did the right thing as a result of our jawboning and talking to them. i think it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> it's unclear if this is a permanent change. the link is still active for users outside the united states. coming up on 11 news tonight, the wait is almost over. justin bieber finally makes his way to the maryland state fair tomorrow and how excited are his fans? we'll give you a peek. some organizations in baltimore took the day to recognize an islamic holiday and help the needy find out what they did.
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and the annual homecoming festival brought many people together this afternoon, we'll tell you why after the break. >> smack-dab in the middle of the labor day holiday week, the last big weekend of summertime, and we've got plenty of sunshine in the forecast and it's coming up. stick around. clear skies right now at b.w.i. clear skies right now at b.w.i. marshall and the temperature
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>> this weekend represents the historic pennsylvania avenue homecoming festival. it kicked off yesterday and continues through the labor day weekend. the theme is celebrate, educate, participate. always a favorite is the cadillac parade with a combination of marching bands, floats and vintage cars. tomorrow the festival will have a faith based focus. and the annual day of dignity took place today. the muslim community of baltimore together with islamic relief and the church of latter day saints sponsored the event.
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it supports the islamic month of ramadan and helps those in need. >> we're just going to help them survive at least this day and feel like they feel good about themselves and good about who they are. >> free health screenings and school supplies were offered as well. more than 100 philadelphia police and correctional officers road a-- rode across the state to honor 9/11 victims. the group drove across the state raising money to honor the passengers and crew of united flight 93. the people onboard fought back against the september 11 hijackers. the plane crashed into a field in shanksville. a permanent memorial is planned for that site. still ahead tonight -- >> i like his songs. >> oh, she sure does. she's talking about justin bieber. that's right, less than 24 hours until he hits the stage for local fans. a look ahead is next.
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>> north of us, the air was unsettled but down here, it was a perfect day today. we'll see if we can do the same tomorrow and monday.
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>> ♪ >> he's so cute. that's teen heartthrob justin bieber singing his smash hit "one time." one local teen is getting a once in a lifetime chance to meet the
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superstar. jacqueline was the winner of two tickets plus an all-important meet and greet pass tomorrow. she'll be one of thousands who have bieber fever. >> ♪ you want my love you want my heart we will never ever be apart ♪ >> she's very cute there as well. tomorrow is the big day, it's the day the fans have been waiting for, justin bieber hits the stage at the maryland state fair at 7:00. to help with the traffic nightmare this could create, the m.t.a. is getting into the bieber spirit. light rail hours will be extended and moditied -- modified to accommodate fans traveling to the fair grounds. send us your photos and videos from your cell phone we could show your pictures and video on 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john
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collins. >> good day today we had some scattered showers, now it's clear. and there are still some clouds to the north of us, generating a little spotty shower activity, mostly isolated and very light, a weather disturbance in the great lakes, it's not related to earl, it's what's coming in behind the cold front that went through earlier today. what happened today was outstanding. typical high this time of year is 82, that was the high at the airport. the low so far at the airport has been 64 degrees, that's the current reading, and 71 at the inner harbor. we may dip a little lower than this by midnight no rain out of any of those clouds today. all these lighter green shades are readings that average out in the mid 60's or so. boardwalk, 61, 65 chestertown, 71 downtown, 58 at parkton.
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then we see more of the low 60's into the 50's, the darker blue shades. the temperatures are beginning to drop off. it never got out of the 60's in garrett county in the day today. that little disturbance running through the great lakes woint have an affect on our weather. here's the jet stream, it's going to be routing far north the next few days, there'll be some dips and curves in it. this is a dip that's pushing cooler air into the area and allowing for this disturbance. there'll be another one of these about the middle of the week and a weak cool front coming in. maybe an isolated shower, but i don't think so, the air is petty dry. there's not enough riding along in the jet to cause too much disturbance. in the atlantic ocean, we have what's left of gaston. gaston lost a lot of strength and became disorganized but it's still there, it may charge up and become a depression or tropical storm or possibly even
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a hurricane once again. it's showing signs of wanting to organize and all the conditions are pretty close to right. over the next week or so, it's a -- if it developed, it may run into the islands here in the caribbean, we'll keep an eye on that our own forecast, not tropical, very cool. low 50's a light northwest wind, it was kind of breezy today, sunny and pleasant tomorrow, not as windy. 75 to 79 for the high a few degrees below average. for boaters in the bay tomorrow, flags going down this evening, winds not as strong. a one to two-foot chop on the open watts of the bay. lots of sunshine sunday and monday with highs both days around 80 degrees. the rip current risk is still high. insta-weather futurecast shows the disturbance up north but dry conditions here. all the storm activity along the storm track well to the north of
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us and high pressure keeps us in great shape. 77 tomorrow, 83 on labor day with sunshine, maybe an isolated shower a small chance for that. we also get a little warm by the middle of the week. >> decision day, had to get the rosters down to 53. had to choose a kicker he gos with cundiff. >> it's power ball. saturday night, everyone. tonight's estimated jackpot, $50.4 million. for a dollar more uh you get the power play action to multiply up to five times.
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first white ball, 33, 22. next number is 42. here's a 14. final white ball is 11. time for the power ball. tonight, that number is 38. good luck. once again, tonight's winning power ball numbers, make sure you make universal orlando resort your next vacat
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>>c1 >> the ravens today reduced their roster from 75 to 53. they keep all the 2010 draft class. one tackle goes to injured reserve. billy cundiff gets the kicker job. he took over following steven houshkas. he kept going strong through training camp and the preseason he entered the battle as an underdog and came out on top, he beats out shane grant who moved less accurate in a ravens' uniform. cundiff did a better job of kickoffs. and think say good-bye to troy smith. despite decent numbers in the preseason, there was little he
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could do to make this team. they believed depth elsewhere was more important. ravens also had -- they wanted to trade smith but found no takers. also cut, demetrius williams he continues to show promise but never the health to match. other moves -- for other ravens roster moves, go to our website. ravens make another move, via trade. they send antwan barnes to the eagles for an undisclosed draft pick. barnes showed promise as a pass rusher but lacked consistency. high school football kicking off in full this weekend, including an incredible docket of games in the i-95 classic. spalding for carrollton, d.c. familiar foes. third quarter shelly white, the crusaders, inside and around.
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a 16-yard touchdown. spalding up 14-6. lake forest, i think it's the effort of the day. robert washington takes a screen pass, he just won't quit spinning, fighting, on his feet, just long enough a 38-yard touchdown. tied at 14-14. we go to overtime. the third o.t. it's a game winner. 26-20. blakefield against perennial power, perfect feed to jordan floyd. 7-0 loyola in front. the stags more of a ground game you could say. second quarter. again looking to jordan. i can't imagine looking anywhere else. look at that grab. they look like college stars. it ended 45-31.
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showcase game yeoman and good council. 24 yards scored 14rk-7, oweman. he takes the run, to cyrus jones, 28 yards. he'd like a do-over. devon porsche stepping in front of the pass like a 911 turbo. oweman with a huge win 28-7. the terps have a new athletic director. kevin anderson comes to college park after seven years in the same position at west point. terps play navy monday, host morgan state on saturday. the bears open tonight, a 14-7 victory over bowie state. morgan's 14 points come thanks to four field goals and a safety.
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facing the wild card leading rays, the bucs having a night. orioles take a 2-1 lead. b.j. upton with two on to end the fourth. base hit to right. wiggington, baseball coming hard, the throw is there. the tag, though, as you'll see is not. this is josh jaso swinging, can't get it done. stay with us for a checkf
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>> warming up quick. beatriz capra, playing the third round of the u.s. open, she went out today against sharapova, but a great effort to get to the third round. >> absolutely. >> lots of sunshine this weekend. tomorrow and on labor day, sunny, 77 tomorrow, 83 on monday, gets kind of hot a little humid tuesday and wednesday, cool front comes in. the rain chances are not all that great. looks like most of this week will be dry. we do cool down a bit at the end of the week. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow for 11 news sunday morning. "saturday night live" is next. the following is a message from the president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ]

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